An Intimate Moment In Time

by Low-Gain

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Low-Gain - An Intimate Moment In Time

This record was set up to be a very personal piece with the main purpose of purging a lot of emotional baggage I had at the time. The piece was performed infront of a live audience.

An album performed and recorded live@ Short Circuit Duluth II on January 21, 2012

Drones: BugBrand Modular
Reverb/Delay/Loops: Eventide Space/TimeFactor
Melodica, Contact Mic's, vocal drones, and a Tim Kaiser made Kalimba were also used.

Expect a limited edition hardcopy available at future Low-Gain performances only.

(c) 2012 Low-Gain & Low-Gain Records

Intimate - in·ti·mate (adjective)

1. associated in close personal relations: an intimate friend.
2. characterized by or involving warm friendship or a personally close or familiar association or feeling: an intimate greeting.
3. very private; closely personal: one's intimate affairs.
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5. (of an association, knowledge, understanding, etc.) arising from close personal connection or familiar experience.
6. engaged in or characterized by sexual relations.
7. (of clothing) worn next to the skin, under street or outer garments: intimate apparel.
8. detailed; deep: a more intimate analysis.
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12. of, pertaining to, or existing in the inmost depths of the mind: intimate beliefs.


released May 6, 2012



all rights reserved